Simplifying Investing In Real Estate

Your leveraged savings account.

The simple answer is that owning investment real estate is the most powerful way to accumulate wealth, and more people have become millionaires through real estate than any other means.

Historically real estate has provided investors with a stronger return than any other option.  Consider the growth in the average home price in Canada since 1980.  Over the past 50 years in North America real estate appreciation has averaged 6% – 7%. Some years will be lower while others may be higher.

Avg Annual Real Estate Prices in Canada 1980 - 2008 Our strategy is simple.  Invest in well-selected properties in emerging markets at the right time.  While your tenant pays your mortgage off your investment grows.  

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Add appreciation and leverage you investment.
Conventional mortgage financing leverage is 4 to 1.
3% appreciation = 12% return on equity.