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Prescription for Life

A prescription for Life. The world is going through some major changes and with change comes potential turmoil and opportunity. I want to share this piece with you, because for Continue Reading
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Rental property inspections – Crucial to your success!

We’re very aware of the value of preventative maintenance in our own homes and typically conduct regular inspections of the condition of our homes and grounds. However, as real estate investors, it’s also important to understand that regular, routine inspections and preventative maintenance are also crucial for your rental properties’ overall success.
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Finding Great Cash Flow Properties

Finding great cash flow properties is easy, right? All you need to do is simply search for a property at an advantageous price that you can rent for a certain amount, so that you realize the expected income after the usual expenses associated with buying a rental property. It seems easy on the surface. However, there’s more to consider...
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